2018 Award

$25,000 to UT Southwestern Medical Center

Dr. Andrew Martin, Assistant Professor at UTSW and pediatric oncologist at Children's Health, has been selected for our 2018 Research Award based on a proposal of research to identify novel therapeutics in relapsed/refractory LCH.  Our hope is for this research to have further reaching impacts on pediatric hematology and oncology. The #PowerfulPlay and generosity of many made it possible for us to support this important work.  Thank YOU for embracing our call to #letgetmoving!

Our Research Goals

Committed to Funding Research

Supporting childhood cancer research is our primary goal. Play is how we raise money for research.  Our intention is for at least 80% of our funding to go to this purpose each year.  


We have made a selection for our 2018 gift!  The announcement will be made soon.  If you are interested in applying for future gifts, please email Stephanie@MoveforMiles.org

Progress Reports

As we make an impact, we will share our progress with you!